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This ASL Helper web page is an 'ASL Dictionary Portal', that links to all known online ASL dictionaries (over 16,000 video clips). The three main benefits of this page are that:
  • It is quick and easy to use (just start typing the word you want to look up),
  • It is comprehensive (with many words, because it combines words from many sources), and
  • It helps show variations (when signs can be seen at several sources, you can often see variations in how the signs are made).

Check the 'Search within word' box if you want to search with a word (e.g. 'asl' would find both 'asleep' and 'measles').

Links to each dictionary are found below; please be sure to visit those websites, too (and let others know of this free resource)!

Remember, there is much more to ASL than vocabulary - to learn it, you might want to consider taking a course in ASL. Do you know of any other online ASL dictionaries we could add? Please

ASLPRO Comprehensive, Flash (does not allow linking to words at their site) ASLWEB MSU Communication Technology Laboratory Comprehensive, QuickTime AVKIDS Cislunar Aerospace, Inc. Aviation signs, animated CLERC Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center Variety, RealPlayer DOS Comprehensive, Flash [no longer online] KINDERSIGNS Common signs, Flash LIFEPRINT Misc, multiple pictures MYBABYCANTALK Baby Hands Productions Simple signs, WMV NEEDSOUTREACH embe OUTREACH Technical, QuickTime THINKQUEST ORACLE ThinkQuest Common Signs, Pictures VALLEYBIBLE Valley Bible Church Religious, QuickTime
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